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Amir Brandon

About Amir Brandon: Hey, my name's Amir Brandon! I'm a 19 year-old R&B/pop singer/songwriter in Toronto. I'm also a vocal teacher and singer in the Main Event wedding/party band.

I was born in Ottawa, Ontario and currently live in Toronto, Ontario. When I was two years old, I loved singing along with artists like Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. Since then, I've grown to love song-writing and performing. As I'm transitioning into adulthood and learning more about myself day by day, I find that I have a lot of personal ideas to write and sing about that I feel many people can connect with. Through all of the experiences I've gone through with friends and family, through seeing the world and experiencing life's highs and lows, I have found the inspiration to create my art.

I don't really have a method of writing a song. I might think of a cool chord progression and then get to the vocals, and sometimes it's the other way around. I barely ever actually sit down with the intention of writing a song; it needs to come to me naturally based on what I'm feeling in that moment. It just seems more honest and authentic to me that way.

I'm currently recording my first album and performing around Toronto. I've created a personal website, Facebook page, and Twitter account to get my voice heard. My dream is to become an international artist, to tour worldwide, to be played on the radio, the whole 9 yards. Just hoping the right person is around to listen!


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