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Michael Maverick

About Michael Maverick: Michael, also known as "Maverick", was raised in National City (greater area San Diego), California. Due to high crime levels, gang affiliations, and drug trafficking, heavily Chicano (Mexican-Americans) populated National City was labeled as "Nasty City". Growing up, life was rough for the young Chicano, Michael, who was raised by a single mother, whom migrated from Mexico, did not graduate high school and only spoke Spanish. While Michael's peers joined gangs, trafficked drugs on the Mexico/United States border, and either died or went to prison, Michael understood that was not the life that was intended for him. He was always thinking and questioning everything on why and how it was and that behavior coined him the name as "Maverick" for always thinking differently than everybody else. Though he was faced with intense hardship and crime, which was always in his backyard, he found an outlet with music and lifting weights. He mastered various instruments and later began to create beats. Michael began to connect with other artists with his beats and eventually started producing. Growing up in the rough Latin environment in San Diego, it inclined him to be heavily influenced by Latin, club and '90's west coast rap music. He later picked up the microphone and expressed a unique style of fusing all three. Michael decided to finally distinguish himself and resume as "Michael Maverick".

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