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Erin Frances

About Erin Frances: British Columbia born and bred artist, the platinum-haired rock ‘n roll doll Erin Frances has established herself in the west coast music scene as an act not to be missed.

With influences going as far back as the 70s rock, she looks up to iconic voices such as Ann Wilson of Heart and Robert Plant, the crooning mystery of Grace Slick, and the songstress stylings of Emmy Lou Harris.

Erin’s music, reminiscent of the 90s chick-rock era with a modern twist, takes you from biting lows to soaring heights in a matter of minutes. She has a presence that is captivating, an energy that is infectious, and a voice that has a character all of its own, dragging you salivating into the emotional story behind each and every one of the six songs on her debut, self-titled EP.

Despite her gritty anarchic sound, Erin comes from an background of intense operatic study. She has played the west coast circuit, performed in music festivals and has contributed vocals to award-winning Canadian songwriters. She has recently hit the studio to write and record the follow up to her successful debut EP and hopes to cultivate a new, more intense sound.

Erin stresses her love for sophisticated vengeance in her music. Her kick-ass edgy lyrics, impressive vocal capabilities and relentless dedication to her sound are a good recipe for a time-bomb ready to explode all over the face of modern rock.

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