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K-Dot music licensing store
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About K-Dot: Some people in this world attempt to do what they love. A select few are born to do it, and do it well. In Detroit where the streets are constantly pulsing with life, one man is making it pulse with the beat of music. Cameron McCoy, better known as K-Dot, is a music producer from Detroit and is the C.E.O of KitCH’N Muzik, L.L.C. Music wasn’t foreign inside the McCoy household either, having a big impact on many of his family members. Several of them, including both his parents, were musicians and singers. In addition, his great-great uncle and aunt played with live bands and session musicians that toured in the 60s with the Motown Revue.

“My family has a rich tradition in music. Music is in my blood, the pulse of my heart. I hear, I see it, I feel, I breathe it in my life.”

As a student at Martin Luther King Jr. High School under the direction of Berry L. Greer, K-Dot played percussion in the high school renowned marching band. It was during this time the spark for his career as a musician and producer began. Upon graduating K-Dot earned a music scholarship to attend college. Deciding to fulfill a promise made to his late grandmother of graduating, he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Western Michigan University in 2010.
As a producer, K-Dot’s biggest influences are Timbaland, Dr. Dre, Just Blaze, Alchemist and J. Dilla. K-Dot has collaborated with various underground artists here in Michigan and across the country.

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