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Indigo Tree

About Indigo Tree : 2009 – Filip Zawada invites Peve Lety for cooperation at recording some film music. After an hour of improvising, they both decide to embezzle funds for music studio. Finally, as a result of spending whole week closed in a large recording hall, their first record appears. They name it “Lullabies of love and death” .

On their first without-audience concert zero persons arrive, and four hundred people comes to see them on their first with-audience concert. The first concert tour is played together with bands from Sweden and Germany. 
In November 2009, musicians decide to embark on series of accoustic concerts in private apartments. First of these experimental performances takes place in the house of Saint. Of Saint Edyta Stein. They are always household members, who organise a concert and they often invite their friends. Unfortunately it’s a very secret what is going to be performed by Peve and Filip, because it’s always something unique.
On September the 8th 2010 they release their second album – Blanik.

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