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About 1989: 1989 is Simon Vermeulen (Simmo), lead singer, Tommy Drake and Mark Haddon (Haddo), guitars, Jason Fuller, bass, and Steve Tyssen, drums. I caught up with the guys on a Sunday afternoon while they were having a few beers on Haddo’s back porch. Their long hair and old school band t-shirts were at odds with the modern setting and the Pure Blonde beers on the table. They looked like they had stepped out of an eighties band poster. To get things straight right from the start these guys are definitely not part of the modern wave of metro musicians. Just check out their film clip for Don’t Care for a dose of masculinity. Even the love, perhaps lust, interest is more leather than lace.

From their easy camaraderie, it seemed like the boys of 1989 had all been mates for years. However, they’ve only been together for 16 months. It took some time for them to find each other. Simmo said he and Jason had been toying with the idea of forming a band when Tommy asked if they needed a guitarist. Simmo was working with Haddo at the time and invited him to jam with them.

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