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About B.R.A.S.H.: Every So Often The Birth Of A New Breed Of Emcees Is Born B.R.A.S.H. (Be Real And Show Heart) aka Tariq Jamal Martinez Arrived On Earth Feb 12, 1990 He Vacated To The Sandy Shores Of Orange County California Where He Was Raised For 18 Years. He Found A Niche For Writing Poetry, Reading, Public Speaking And Song Writing About Real Life Instances As He Views Them. B.R.A.S.H. Says, “When Nothing Else Makes Sense The Music Still Does.”In June 2008 He Moved To The State Of Arizona. Starting His Artistry Doing Local Shows In The State Of Arizona And California It’s His Ability To Freestyle At Any Given Instant And His Wordplay That Makes Him Remarkable . He Made His First Appearance In The Music Industry As A Co Owner Of A Music Label Under The Influence Records LLC. In 2011 Where He Managed And Song Wrote For Artists. With Music Running Throughout His Bloodline BRASH Continues To Write History With Each Record He Completes. You Could Hear His Pulse Through Every Word Spoken He’s An Original Breath Of Fresh Air To The Hip Hop Genre. With The Game Being So Saturated With Various Artists B.R.A.S.H. Provides A New Element With A Smooth Flow, And New Concepts Of Songs You Can Vibe To. His Music Is Unlike Anyone Else And Can Only Be Categorized As Real. He’s A True Emcee Sure To Catch Your Ears And Not Go Out The Other. The Acronym In His Name Are Words To Live By Be Real And Show Heart.

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