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Art Schop

About Art Schop: Art Schop is the alter ego of indie rock musician, author, and songwriter Martin G. Walker. As a child Walker loved to listen while his mother played the piano, and she loved to play Scott Joplin's sad, sweet rags. He played his own creations when he thought no one was listening. He discovered that the simple action of pressing those cool, heavy keys could connect him to another world, a world replete with the kind of meaning and beauty absent from the drab northern England town he grew up in.
He listened obsessively to his parents' records - Louis Armstrong, The Beatles, Don McClean, Ralph McTell, Bob Dylan. These people knew that other world. Walker would come to perceive it as a meta-world, a world containing anything and everything, where any fear or joy could be felt and expressed, any thought illuminated, any possibility pursued. He went on to immerse himself in more arty, experimental rock music from Bauhaus, The Velvet Underground, David Bowie, Robert Wyatt, Jethro Tull and Pink Floyd, among others. Enter Art Schop. As a name, Art Schop is perhaps not as pretentious as it seems. (Or perhaps it is more pretentious.) An early track written by Walker/Schop - “Am I Lost” - was a song about German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer. Walker had become a big fan of Schopenhauer’s work and wanted a name for himself that would combine the ideas (and inspire the ideals in him) of music and philosophy.

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