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The Last Gonzo

About The Last Gonzo: With an odd mix of dark outlaw tales and a twisted whit The Last Gonzo composes western cowboy music with Mark Twainesque lyricism. Wildly intelligent and strangely humorous the music is filled with whimsy and darkness. From running from the sheriff for sleeping with his wife to searching for a shaman(medicine man) in the hills of mexico, there's always a unique story with an odd twist.

Where the Beatniks and Hippies look to Kerouac and Ginsberg, The Last Gonzo takes to the road in a much more twisted fashion with the likes of Hunter S. Thompson, Chuck Palahnuik and Mark Leyner. With an unapologetic sense of juxtaposition a love song can quickly become a murder ballad or a psychotic attempt at winning a girls heart while on your death bed. The music and melodies are reminiscent of David Allen Coes bar-room ballads, Robert Earl Keens Main street story-lines, and Willie Nelsons cowboy tales with some of Jerry Jeff Walker's laid back humor and the iconic Ray Wylie Hubbard grit. Themes of pistols, trains, bandits and sheriffs run through the landscape of the music but in any song it is obvious that there is definitely a master storyteller behind it.

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