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About Skelocrats: Skelocrats are a famous pop band established in 2012 who released their greatest hits, The Complete Skelocrats, in December. This brought together their two EPs, Whip Crack Away and Hot Yoga. Some people said these things about that EP:

"Writing great guitar-pop seems to them to be a piece of piss. A wonderful collection of songs." - The Sound of Confusion.

"A work that bears the input of different personalities yet hangs together beautifully. Skelocrats may just prove to be the best thing [Popical Island] has produced to date." - Phil Udell, State Magazine

"It’s an idiot savant record, lovely, well balanced pop bristling under the surface of what seems to be something that was put together in a shed over the weekend and recorded onto a Dictaphone wielded by a sugared-up toddler." - Dara Higgins, Thumped

"Whip Crack Away is a reflective, mature EP with ebullient highlights and concise, emotionally resonant storytelling." - AU Magazine

They've played gigs with the likes of Lower Dens, So Cow and TOPS. Band members (Padraig Cooney, Bronwyn Murphy-White, Michael Stevens and Paddy Hanna) also variously play in Grand Pocket Orchestra, Land Lovers, Groom, No Monster Club, Ginnels and Lie Ins.

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