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John Hoge music licensing store
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John Hoge

About John Hoge: Hi, I compose music for video games, film, and any other kind of multimedia.

I completed my Bachelor of Music at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, where I still reside.

My music is influenced by the games I played growing up, such as Zelda and Soul Calibur, as well as the movies that particularly resonated with me during my formative years, The Lord of the Rings being the primary culprit. I own a number of high quality virtual instrument plug-ins, reverb software, guitar amp modeling software, and mixing and mastering plug-ins, in the interest of creating the most realistic sounding tracks possible. I can work in a vast array of styles, and hold my work to high standards of professionalism.

Most of the music I have available for sale is from a little earlier on in my career, however I do intend to create new music for upload as well.

To hear more of my music and see some projects I’ve worked on, go to: www.johnhogemusic.com

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