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About Tkivo: Tkivo is a Croatian musician from Zagreb, Croatia. Tkivo’s music straddles a wide range of genres, while retaining a characteristic sound using electronic instruments such as synths, drum machines, various samples, etc. In April of 2011, Tkivo released his first independent demo album called Susret. Susret is available as a free download. On 02/14/2013 Tkivo released his EP Emotions Assembled. The EP contains six tracks . All of it’s tracks are mostly instrumentals with some ambient vocals in the background of everything. On 10/13/2013 Tkivo released his first DIY (produced) LP Drowning Islands. The LP contains thirteen tracks, and for the first time, Tkivo put some vocals in most of those tracks. The mood of the Drowning Islands LP is somewhat darker, melancholic and brooding.

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