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Karson music licensing store
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About Karson: Singer/songwriter Ken Karson from Cincinnati Ohio USA believes that each of us has an elusive and sometimes mysterious inner voice that strives to be heard. He is also convinced that the best way it can achieve escape velocity and be completely understood is the uninhibited and soulful expression that music invites, with personal rewards for both the artist and his audience.

His new album gives the listener a wide array of lyrics and musical arrangements that speak to our everyday lives. Whether on a personal or collective level, all 10 tracks give the listener the chance to follow Karson and share in a compelling story about others, or let the pain or encouragement you hear in his voice speak to their own lives and the things they have experienced firsthand.

Karson knows the power of music, and always balances his own presentations with a little of life’s mysteries, sprinkled with “lessons learned” lyrics that can make you laugh and cry at the same time. His music uncovers the hidden, unmasks the guilty, and upholds the simple things by using the practical wisdom he gained by walking the walk through the best and worst of times in his own life.


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