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Fresco Blanco music licensing store
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Fresco Blanco

About Fresco Blanco: Fresco Blanco is a natural born artist with a profound talent and heart to show the world something that has not been seen before. His talent, personality, and overall passion for music will affect numerous people across the world and will have many wanting to be a part of the movement. Fresco Blanco looks not to just create music for people to listen to, but to appreciate and trigger introspection. Fresco Blanco is not just an artist you will hear on the radio or see on the television. He represents a brand that plans to reveal who he really is outside his music. Through his various business ventures, He looks to impact the world and ultimately lead others to be inspired to do music and therefore further change lives. Fresco Blanco, the artist, is primarily a platform to showcase his talents as an entertainer. In addition, Fresco Blanco plans to be an influence to many, not only through music, but also through teaching young people and focusing on success to accomplish your goals.

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