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About Fudakochi : "Make it look easy", thats is what you can said about Fudakochi (pronounced Foo-dah-co-chee), an up and coming singer/songwriter who hails from Miami,Fl where he was raised in a family of musicians. This is where he began singing and playing the piano at the age of 7.

With musical influences ranging from Ray Charles to Sergio Mendes, he always knew that one day he would take part in the family trade. Fudakochi, a Japanese name that was given to him at birth means strength, love , and honor. He conveys these characteristics to you though his music.
The band, which played alternative rock and soul music, toured Germany, Amsterdam, and London on the "Keep Music Alive" tour. From Texas to New York, California to Florida and even overseas, Fudakochi has been traversing the continents spreading his words of love and peace.

Fudakochi moved back to Miami, Fl to finish what he began. He set out to launch his independent career and took steps to being his first album, " The Stayfree Movement" which released November 2007. Fudakochi had been working feverishly on this album and has released it to bring you music to evoke your memories and incite your soul.
From his thought provoking song, "Black Jesus" to the relative Bushonomic song titled, "Get By" the spirit of hope can be felt if you just believe in yourself and the power of faith.

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