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Lunacie music licensing store
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About Lunacie: The Oakland native shows his versatility through his music
which he describes as, “Stevie Wonder meets Charles Manson.” At an early age, Lunacie learned to play a number of instruments including, piano, drums, saxophone, kalimbas, organ, & congas. Growing up, Lunacie listened to everything from Hip-Hop to Rock, Blues to Pop, genre to genre & “pretty much anybody that’s creative & the best at what they do”. This opened up a whole new world of music and inspiration to the already talented Lunacie. His mother recognized his talent
at a young age so she tried to musically expose him to as much and as many styles as possible. Church and gospel music played a huge role in his upbringing as well so the soulful sound is evident through some of his work. Lune seemed to know that all music should be respected and valued across the board regardless of genre. A talented producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, MC and singer, Lune’s intense lyrics and his production skills will certainly elevate him to a status
that will make him well known in the industry. And he's already gaining that recognition by being featured artist on iSound, CDFuse, Basement Elevation Magazine, Artist of the Month on Bayluv.com, and also having a song placed on the television show "Wired Science"...and it's only the beginning.

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