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Shelia  Myles

About Shelia Myles: Shelia Myles is a new American songwriter, Sheila was born April, 28, 1977. She was born and raised in Salt Lake City Utah. She has four brothers and two sisters Christopher, John, Jason, Shane, Jennifer, Itashia. also her parents Betty and John,Stepmother Sherri. She is currently married to her husband Jeremy and has a daughter Kayla.

Sheila's father was a local disk jockey in Salt Lake City in country music. Sheila has had the opportunity to be around musicians and songwriters. She has many who inspired her songwriting Career , LaCosta Tucker, Gary Morris, Johnny Cash, and many more..

Sheila started writing at a young age never thought that she would become a songwriter with a disability. Sheila started exploring her writing since grade school. She was told by many teacher's through out her life that She was a excellent writer.

When she went to college she was asked to make an autobiography of herself. The college she was currently going to asked her if they could use her autobiography to share with other students. Sheila has touched many others with her writing.

She said, people with disabilities can be successful songwriters and have many talents if they put their mind to it!

She enjoys writing Love songs, Poems, R&B, Soft Rock and many more. She wants to thank her family and friends for the inspiration over the years.

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