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Young Belvi

About Young Belvi: Young Belvi (Farid Ashmon) was born on the 2nd of July, 1988 in North, New Jersey and has became well-known in the East Coast for both his smooth tempo, and seemingly indecipherable stream-of-consciousness rap. He started rapping around the age of 15 years old which was the turning point in his life. Young Belvi’s dreams & desires are to express himself through music and he is doing just that. Young Belvi also goes by “The Bartender” he feels as though he can serve you his music like a Bartender serves you drinks. He has managed to release his first mixtape called Young Minded with collaboration with Swat Team DJ, DJ BigJae aka Mr. Hennessy. Later releasing a second mix tape titled " Ft. Me" that was released on soundcloud.com. Young Belvi's first solo project titled " Flicking Lighters EP" was an expression of his own thoughts lyrically and production wise. the project was released on datpiff.com. He can also be found online at his myspace page www.myspace.com/belvideer or you can tweet him on Twitter @youngbelvi3sb

Flicking Lighters EP
Young Minded
Ft. Me

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