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Screaming Mimi [Sentric Music] music licensing store
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Screaming Mimi [Sentric Music]

About Screaming Mimi [Sentric Music]: Not have I ever heard a band do such a refreshing job of combining Throwing Muses' off kilter genius with catchy modern day britpop. 'Who is Louise' is a frantic whirlwind of clap-a-long proportions that resurrects the ghosts of both Belly & The Smiths whilst having guitars that wanna shag the sky & vocals that leave you breathless. If you heard this on the radio you would SOOOO go & rush down the shop to buy it." Brian Dangerhorse @ Normans Records – Single of the Week

"Lovely, tense indie spaz pop from Screaming Mimi – a name I’ve been aware of for a while now, but haven’t been able to hear anything from. Think Long Blondes mixed with Pixies, and just sit back and wonder how good that sounds. Wonder no longer, for it is here. ‘Who is Louise’ is a quite marvelous piece of nouveau-pop. Listen to it. Immediately." Sam Metcalf @ Tasty Fanzine

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