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A.S. Swanski

About A.S. Swanski: The music of Sweden-based songwriter and producer A.S. Swanski moves between cinematic krautrock, dark ambient and disturbing synthpop. Not eager to make any compromises, his work is for musical freethinkers. People who dare to think beyond tradition, style and art form.

His 2012 album Electro Noir got excellent reviews in the media. MeadowMusic called it “a dark journey through gloomy, hard cities with Orwellian undertones, but also with spots of beauty”, while MusicStage wrote that it was one of the most interesting records of the year.

His music is released under a Creative Commons license, making it easy for others to use Swanski's work for film projects, YouTube videos or documentaries.

Swanski, who once published a crime novel called Moscow Hearts, recently completed a suite of songs inspired by Swedish crime fiction. The Deckare project was revealed one song at a time during 2013, with a compilation album planned for 2014.

Dutch-born Swanski has a long history in bands and went solo with the quirky electronics of Twist (1999). Occasionally his wife, Russian-born singer La Gouzel, contributes to his songs.

Journalists have praised him for his uncompromising approach, dramatic arrangements and cinematic production. Or as music promotor James Moore put it: “What perhaps sets Swanski’s work apart from his contemporaries is his minimalist approach and sense of space."

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