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Lesser Panda

About Lesser Panda: "Cavalier quintet Lesser Panda used to be one of the capital's best-kept secrets but a string of deeply impressive shows has left them teetering on the verge of popularity. Fronted by Hispanic heartthrob Mariano Robles, they skewer their goth-hued '80s anthems like "Ghostdance" and "Carousel" with killer choruses and aren't afraid to crack open the punk-funk. Could this be the year of the Panda? Only a fool would say otherwise."
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"You know those three albums mired in depression and despair that the Cure did in the early 80s, a triptych sometimes referred to as The Doom Trilogy? That's what Lesser Panda sound like, only given the gloom-dance remix treatment. Think also PiL circa Metal Box or those progenitors of all things macabre and dark, but with an electro undercarriage."
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