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K.M.Krebs \ 833-45 music licensing store
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K.M.Krebs \ 833-45

About K.M.Krebs \ 833-45: Electro-acoustic music, musique concr?te and field recordings form the essence of K.M.Krebs’ music which delves into unique sonic worlds of flux and contrast. Through his moniker 833-45, he envelops his music in the tension fields of radio emissions, distilling the static of our extended radio ears into immense and dense disrupted drones. Deeply involved with internet-based music labels over the last ten years, he has had numerous releases with labels such as Musica Excentrica, Resting Bell, Webbed Hand, Autoplate, and Con-v.

Drawn to the enigmatic and complex, Kevin always aims to make a music for the imaginary ear, a deep hearing entwined with memory and mythology.

His latest and highly-acclaimed album, entitled Tunguska, is an intricate, audible imaginary of the mysterious 1908 Tunguska Event.

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