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Silent G Mr.843

About Silent G Mr.843: Early Life
Simmons was born to Laverne Simmons, a nurse, in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Music played a big role in Simmons’ life as he taught himself piano and trumpet and looked up to his musician uncles, one of whom is Stetsasonic drummer Bobby Simmons.

In August 1997, Laverne died from complications of sickle cell anemia and the nine-year-old Simmons was sent to live with his grandparents James and Elizabeth Simmons in McClellanville, South Carolina.

So Sick Klique
Simmons attended McClellanville’s Lincoln High School where he met fellow rappers Sheldon (Eazy Baby) Blake, Preston (Yung P) Myers, and Terrence (Mr. Kountry) Deas. With manager Corey Singleton and Simmons as the producer, the young men formed So Sick Klique in 2005. The group received critical praise for its regional hits “JiGG,” “She All Out,” and “Junk in Da Trunk” until it disbanded in 2009 when Simmons and Myers left to pursue solo careers.

In 2009, Simmons moved to Atlanta, Georgia to attend The Art Institute of Atlanta. As a filmmaking major, Simmons discovered that his talents surpassed music, which prompted him to launch GstatusProductions in January 2012. GstatusProductions is currently producing music videos and short documentaries for fledgling artists and is working with rap group Money Majorz and rapper Monte Carlo.

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