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Electron Planet music licensing store
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Electron Planet

About Electron Planet: All tracks also available in different duration lengths!

Very affordable and unique instrumental and SFX compositions currently being used for mood, film scores, soundtrack, presentations, cues, corporate, inspirational, and commercial applications. Perfect for motivational, video or audio soundbeds, voiceovers, soundtracks, and retail background music applications. Electron Planet’s music is a adventure of spiritual motivation in electronic Ambient, Down-Tempo, and Chill-Out music. Instrumental journeys of ambient relaxation, thoughtful meditation, and, uplifting feelings of optimism. From beautiful ambient textures in violin, piano, horns, choir, and flute acoustic instruments to uplifting arpeggios with electronic synthesizers. All the music is woven together with wonderful grooves of acoustic percussion and electric and acoustic guitars. These songs take your soul on a wonderfully colorful journey. Producing for you feelings of well being and comfort along with dreams of the fantastic wonders that lie ahead. Excitement for life shines bright here. These songs are so well done and enjoyable. You will grasp a bright happy feeling and mood and really run with it here.

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