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Uttara project music licensing store
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Uttara project

About Uttara project: Wikipedia: Uttara Mimamsa or Vedanta is a spiritual tradition explained in the scriptures Shruti, who is mainly concerned with self-realization, through which one can understand what the true nature of reality. Historically, the Vedanta has been understood as a state of transcendence and not as a concept that can be understood by intellect alone.
Created by Leonam Souza, the Uttara project seeks to incorporate elements inspired sounds and ambiences in psychedelic goa trance. The proposal is to create an experience of insight, psychedelic and transcendence.
With the previous design (indochin3 Live), was present in the main festivals of the northern of Brazil, they are Terra-Oca, Jacundá Trance Festival e P.L.U.R Day party, strengthening the line-up Mental Control, Yagé, Element, Mental Broadcast, X-Noize, Major7 and many other artists!

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