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About undrgrndman: undrgrndman is the current project and alias of Giles Judd, a singer-songwriter / pianist / storyteller whose work shows influences from old school funk, rock, electronic, and classical music. Each song is a story–a carefully constructed blend of musical genres which defies categorization, and captivates the mind as well as the ear. The resulting sound is raw, aggressive, and unapologetic, with hints of artists such as Sly Stone, Prince, Trent Reznor, James Blake, and St. Vincent.

After receiving his first keyboard at the age of 14, Giles began playing at several clubs throughout Southern California within the year. At 16, he moved to Atlanta, was introduced to recording by funk legend, Eddie Irons, and began performing locally. Soon thereafter, he was picked up as a keyboardist by Original P (Parliament / Funkadelic), and toured internationally for 3 years.

In his latest endeavor, Giles returns to the West Coast, and to his roots as a solo artist. undrgrndman weaves together dark, atmospheric tones with strong, unforgiving synths and deep, soulful vocals. The experience encourages a sense of immersion, where the listener is drawn into an intriguing, though sometimes haunting, world.


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