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About hooyoosay: hooyoosay is a music recording project having a variety of unnamed and frequently changing collaborators.
Hence a wide diversity in styles is on offer.

- Album "In Dekay"
- Single "My Obsession"
- Single "Don't You Lie To Me"
- Single "Come On"
- EP "Googly Goo"
- EP "The Wrong Kind Of People"
- Album "The Bluesy Ones"
- Single "There's Love In Town"
- Single "Palm Tree In My Garden"
- EP "Mountain Air".

Music with a retro flavor. Always gentle, never too heavy.
Fun pop, soft rock, bluesy country, easy listening, synth pop, light entertainment, middle of the road.

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Breathe some fresh "Mountain Air", the new EP by hooyoosay
Synth riffs and jangling electric guitars, Rhodes piano and Hammond, lush male and female ... [more]