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TRAJIK music licensing store
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They are the sexy-thugs of the hip-hop game!
Trajik is a derivative of Webster dictionary's "Tragedy." Webster defines tragedy as "the downfall of a great man." "Far too many of our African- American men and women have fallen prey to the tragedies faced in their everyday lives; unable to absorb and appreciate its good and bad" quotes Kieon of Trajik.
Trajik acts as an outlet for our young people. "We are the voice of the streets; of every young man and woman struggling through this thing we call life. We write, perform and live despite tragedy, and hope that all of our young brothers and sisters can, eventually, do the same."
The combination of Kieon's drop dead good looks and amazing physical attributes, coupled with Ant-Live's subtle baby faced nature (and, not to mention their skill as great hip hop artists), will surely assist in Trajik becoming the hottest sex symbols to ever grace the hip-hop culture.
Trajik's influences range from Jay-Z to Nas.Their sheer professionalism and natural Showmanship captivates their fans during a breathtaking display of energetic and powerful performances. These young men understand and appreciate the true meaning of show business!
Kieon co-starred with hip-hop superstar Cam'Ron in Epic Records' Horse and Carriage blockbuster music video as hip-hop icon MA$E'S body double and on MTv Jamz. Live also starred in a skit for the nationally syndicated Conan O'Brien show on NBC.

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