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HARMAEONproject music licensing store
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About HARMAEONproject: - it's a project that involves symbiotic creativity of two fellow musicians:
Kirill Green and Eugen Dis. This title presents all genres and opportunities that our music can give to our listener.
It's a combination of words - HARMONY and AEON... The infinite harmony for everyone to choose.
Kirill and Eugen are self-tought musicans. They both came from the same band "the Scarlet Embrace".
As time passed they realised that they want to evolve as musicans, composers and arrangers. That's how project was born,
30 of March, 2014.
Dear friends, if you want to cooperate with us, please e-mail us: Harmaeon@gmail.com
We provide such services: composing, arranging songs, pieces. Creating, additing scores and thematic songs.
Genres are: neo-classic, orchestral, ambient, ethnic music, contemporary classical music, electronic, techno,
new age, author songs.

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