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About Terramara: Terramara is one of the most unique sounds out of Minneapolis in the past few years. A unique blend of keyboard-driven pop with a rock edge, they are often compared to early Steely Dan and the Police in their fanatical obsession with songcraft. Their songs are well developed, with strong hooks and vocal delivery, clever lyrics, and always offer fresh harmonic twists.

Terramara is the brainchild of Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter/keyboardist Rob Meany, who formed the group in 1998. Over the last ten years the band has released three full-length albums and won numerous awards for songwriting and performance.

In 2007, Terramara went back into the studio to record its third album. Feeling a desire to move in a new direction musically, the group enlisted the help of Jon Herchert to produce a more straight-forward, guitar-driven album. While retaining much of Terramara's signature sound: piano-based pop songs with rich harmonies and clever lyrics, the new recording shimmers with layered guitars, and shades of ambient and electronic sounds in the mix. It is by far the most sonically rich and adventurous Terramara album to date, while at the same time its most accessible.

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