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Automaton Music

About Automaton Music: Geoff Bowman, the mystic man behind the waveform wasn't always a sonic engineer, but he was always a musician. Born with one hand on a piano and one hand on a violin... he realized it was difficult to play both instruments simultaneously. After much deliberation he chose the piano and stuck with it for another 13 years of formal lessons, adding the guitar for 7 years, and even eventually adding the violin for 3 years as well. A multimusician and serial bandmember, he was writing for every instrument he could play from day 1 and with his introduction at Center for Creative Media to Logic Pro, Protools, and Ableton Live, he could finally write for instrumetnts he didn't play.

Geoff's composition and sound design work has been played on the radio, in live stadium events, on regional and national commercials, short and feature films, and live webcasts. He currently resides in a zombie resistant apartment in the DC area with his wife and son.

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