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mask the benniman

About mask the benniman: "Mask the Benniman" from Sydney, Australia is a fusion of live studio recording sessions and the experimental home-based recording/production work of James Lee.
James (keyboards/vocals) and his younger brother Sean (vocals/guitar) are the mainstays of "Ice Jupiter Groove", a pop/rock live act they performed and recorded with in the mid 90's.
In 2012 James had written some new material and wanted to put a new album together. Sean and James recruited the help of their nephew Eliot Lee on drums along with Dave Earp on bass and Billy Black on lead guitar for the project.
They spent about a month or so at Sydney's Studios 301 laying down tracks for the album. All went well with the recordings but James found that the final mixes just weren't the sound that he was after. So he took all of the tracks back home and started to mix and produce them himself.
James isn't doing an album with "Mask the Benniman" but is releasing tracks one by one as he finishes them.
Needless to say that this is an ongoing project....stay tuned!

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