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DJ Shands music licensing store
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About DJ Shands: Chicago-based Music Producer and professional “DJ Shands” has been drumming up beats since he was a 16-year-old high school student. Today, some seven years later, he specializes in a number of genres, including electronic, pop, dance, and alternative hip-hop, as well as a customized mesh via elements of each that he crafts into his own unique style.

As Proprietor of website http://www.djshandsbeats.com, he makes his HQ beats exclusively available to other artists and musicians, where DJ Shands also offers tips, techniques and equipment tutorials to producers and fellow “beatmakers.” In addition, his site shares valuable information about selling music directly to fans, using social media and gaining critical mass via YouTube.
Guided by all things creative, DJ Shands is also an art aficionado.

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