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Sometimes Julie

About Sometimes Julie: Sometimes Julie features the singer-songwriter duo Monica Sorenson and Rick Walker. The duo’s first encounter was in a dive karaoke bar, where ordinarily nothing good happens. In these shady environs, the two began talking and learned that Rick’s head was full of music needing lyrics, and Monica had words longing for a song.

Rick’s musical career began in the mid 90’s playing in clubs on the north side of Chicago. Blues, classic rock and alternative rock influences inspire his songwriting and performance. A self-taught musician on guitar, bass, and keys, Rick’s music creates the foundation for the sound of Sometimes Julie.

Monica, a self-diagnosed karaoke addict, grew up in Denver in a household full of talented musicians. Despite her musical upbringing, Monica chose to study and write poetry as her art form. Upon meeting Rick, though, she became inspired to blend her two loves - words and music.

Sometimes Julie writes and performs original Americana/indie rock music. Their sexy, raw sound and driving beat stir up everyone’s passionate side. You will want to move your feet!


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