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About JJAHBG: It can be difficult to describe JJAHBG. Their music flits from genre to genre, flirting with traditional song structures here, destroying them there, all in the name of creativity.

Experimentalism has always been a hallmark of JJAHBG, straight down to their humble beginnings making acoustic blues jams with a guitar and harmonica. The equipment has gotten more sophisticated, the songs more complex, and the influences have grown, but through it all JJAHBG are happiest when creating thoroughly unique music. Their music is all about random inspiration and ridiculous fun.

JJAHBG has a long and storied history dating back to a backyard party and a case of plastic harmonicas. After performing a blues song they had written that very day, founders Jesse Everett and Waylan “Danger” Ratner formed their epic collaboration with one purpose in mind: make awesome music. Since their 2006 inception, they and their many collaborators have created seven masterpiece albums:

The Big Easy (2007)
We are Legend (2008)
Jesse, Sophia, and the Broken Bottle (2009)
Huah! Good God! (2010)
Blow it Up (2010)
Performance Enhanced Music (2013)
Conclave of Champions (2014)

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