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City Acres [Motavia Productions] music licensing store
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City Acres [Motavia Productions]

About City Acres [Motavia Productions]: "Time is a straight line, a linear motion that leaves us behind. As the days pass I count every one." "Eastern Autumn" is a tribute to the fleeting moments of conscious thought that create this adventure of emotions called life. In this debut EP, City Acres welcomes the world to contemplate the moves that we make, the thoughts that we have, and the hope that meaning unfolds with the passing of time and experiences. Living in Brooklyn, NY, songwriter Matt Leibowitz, who has performed with numerous bands over the years including Postmark Twain, We Are Stations, and The Midnight Hollow, has delivered a sincere introductory EP that urges quiet contemplation of how to live a life full of meaning, hope, and wonder. "Eastern Autumn" promises to be a strong beginning to a hopeful musical journey.

Matthew Michael Leibowitz has been playing music since before he could talk. From picking off radio tunes on his older brother’s Casio keyboard to studying jazz with some of the world’s most renowned guitarists (Mark Whitfield, Jim Kelly, Ed Cedar), Matt went on to develop his own musical style while collaborating with bands across the Tri-State area. Matt’s songs have been featured on The Weather Channel, WTSR Radio, and retail stores across the US and Europe. Currently, Matt is involved with several active projects in Brooklyn and continues to write and record new material for various artists.

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