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Ronjii music licensing store
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About Ronjii: Kendal "Ronjii" Barr is a charismatic Rapper/Songwriter from Freeport, Grand Bahama.
Thanks to a music submission though Taximusic.com in 2007,"Ready to rock" a midtempo hip-hop club track by Ronjii was featured in Lions Gates motion picture "Frankedhood",starring Charlie murphy and DeRay Davis.It was also featured the first season in two episodes of the hit reality show Basketball Wives on VH1 starring Shaunie O'neal in 2010.That same year it was also featured in the TV series Wedded To Perfection on TLC (The Learning Channel).
Ronjii now lives in the San Francisco bay area where he continues to sharpen his skills as an entertainer and grow as a recording artist/song writer.
He is now writing with "Erin Reign" and "Qilla Fang".Two Hip-Hop/Pop Artists,helping them develop their talents and careers to become World Wide Super Stars.
Everyday he is learning something new and using it as a stepping stone to bring him even closer to his goals.

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