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Casey Dilworth

About Casey Dilworth: Casey Dilworth, an incredible country singer who is based out of Minnesota, is keeping the old school traditions alive with his latest CD “Vagabond Dreamer”. Casey has a relaxed, easy listenening style about him. His pure and natural approach will appeal to all sorts of audiences from all over the world.
On “Vagabond Dreamer” you will hear some of the finest musicians Nashville Tennessee has to offer. An all star lineup that includes Hall of Famers and Grammy nominated individuals.

Casey Dilworth was part of several bands over the years as a guitar player, steel player and vocalist. He thought it was time to stretch his wings and fly off on his own. This CD represents some of his best work.
When asked why he decided to release a traditional CD, Casey replied with this answer "Many of these songs are no longer being played or listened to...and this CD is my attempt to keep them alive, for all to hear and enjoy."

Stay tuned for more on this incredible artist/musician. If you enjoy listening to the roots of country music - look no further. This CD is a true gem.

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