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Marko Maric music licensing store
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Marko Maric

About Marko Maric: Hi there, my name is Marko Maric, I was born in 1997, and I'm a songwriter, composer, singer and a guitar player from Serbia. The first thing to do was the songwriting... I started to write songs in 2009. At that same time i learned how to play guitar, all alone with no school, private lessons or online lessons. At 2011 I've started my own rock band called 'Flashback'. I was a lead singer and a second guitar player and also I was writing songs and composing for the band. In 2012 I've found a cool program for making music on computer called 'FL Studio' and started to do my own electro, ambient and instrumental songs. After a while,I've been expelled from a band because of my 'bad behaviour'and I decided to continue doing music on my own, like a solo artist...

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