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About P.O.B: Charles-Michael Reginald-Leviett Campbell was Born April 11 1992 in Savannah GA. He always found away to express himself with music be with Playing the drums, or beat boxing, or using his hands and a pencil, the young man found his with music. His mother Thomasina Washington introduce the young artist to her famous singer of all times, The late Great Michael Jackson. That day Charles knew that music was his destiny. At the age of 12 Charles began his musical journey, by joining his church choir, and going to his close friends studio.During his Journey the young rebel made a name for himself P.O.B mean "Problems Over Bitches" or "Problems Over Barriers" which mean more then just a Catchy Motto, P.O. began working on his music with his close friend Dimtri Turner Formally known as DC in his home studio where they drop Duo mixtapes like Forest Fire and Forest Fire 2 Stonner Ville. with there creative style and flow they began to create a hold new sound. P.O.B began working with other closer friends, like his formal Outstanding Gentlemen brothers and formed a team Called Y.D.F.C. with the helping of that P.O.B and DC form there own Team Called B.I.A "Brothers In Arms" and began there mission of bring out great Hip Hop Music.

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