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T Singer music licensing store
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T Singer

About T Singer: Self taught businessman with a strong passion for music.

T Singer, AKA Tim Heinsinger began his career at Full Sail University in 2011. With high hopes and a urge to learn music production, Tim discovered their Recording Arts program. Unsure of what was to come next, he then learned about beat making. Falling in love instantly, beat making became his number one priority. With not much help or musical background, Tim began the trial and error method within Logic Pro . Between experience in class and downtime to practice, Composing, Recording, & Mixing became quite clear. T Singer EMERGED!

After graduating with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Recording Arts, Tim soon realized that interning was his next step. Tim moved back to his hometown, Bethlehem, PA. After becoming unsuccessful with the interviews he had throughout the tri-state area, Tim’s next option was unclear. Tim then discovered Anno Domini Nation . Having the chance to collaborate with Anno Domini, Tim sold his first beat for $400. Inspired from one sale & one website, Tim established Musical Iconics®.

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