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Daniel Snow

About Daniel Snow: Winner of the 2009 New Mexico Music Award for Best Rock-Adult Contemporary, Snow is an intoxicating singer-songwriter with the kind of guitar fingerwork that makes highly plausible his black eye scenario began with a drunken pied pipering of someone’s girl. Eschewing comparisons to John Mayer and Jack Johnson, Snow is more progressive and less packaged. “People hear what they see,” says Snow. “And when I come out with an acoustic guitar, I can understand the comparisons [to Mayer and Johnson]. However, I don't just play the guitar. I use it where others have used other things; like synthesizers. I listen to trendy new songs, and wonder what it'd sound like if it were all done in an array of acoustic instruments? It wouldn't sound like Jack Johnson, that's for damn sure.”

Focused less on “making it big” and more on “making it up,” Snow is determined to innovate what it means to be a contemporary rocker. Equal parts composer, songwriter, and messenger, Snow’s talent is as diverse as his taste. When asked to name three musicians he’d like to work with (living or dead), he said Thomas Newman, Peter Gabriel, and Brother Ali, respectively. Already generating national buzz after being featured in a Propellerhead promo video, Snow’s eagerly awaited sophomore album “Come Find Me” is on schedule for an early 2013 release.

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