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Fase Miusic Sender music licensing store
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Fase Miusic Sender

About Fase Miusic Sender: Behind Fase are: Gustavo Gagliardo, Leandro Waisbord, Pedro Perelman and Martin Tibabuzo. Fase is a collective founded in the year 2000, that is active in Buenos Aires and works on both end of the audio-visual spectrum. From musical production to visual animation and street-art to VJing, Fase finalizes all-inclusive projects and shows, which create a truly complete realm, allowing it to fully expressing their vision. On the musical side, even if experimentation surrounds a Techno essence, some sounds have been surviving since the very foundation of Fase: Aquatic sounds, clicks and glitches, video-gaming bleeps. Fase keeps the groove as main purpose, using kicks and basses to create melodies coming right from the under layers of the earth, factory sounds and darkness. Detroit Underground and Jean-Michel Basquiat’s work can stand as referents to the universe they perpetually share. Fase Miusic Sender plans its live sets to build climates and organically evolving structures. The video sequencing that comes to complete Fase’s world, is solely dependent of, and exclusively adapting to the evolution of the music. Exploring the graphic language, Fase keeps fantasy, synthesis, abstraction and powerful colors as main visual focus. Music expressing visuals, visuals expressing music… The circle is now complete

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