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HOPE featuring O. music licensing store
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About HOPE featuring O.: MUSIFILM is an electronic music producing company based in Madrid, Spain. In the past 13 years, we have released over 40 songs, covering more than 60 markets through deals with Universal, SonyBMG, Warner, Vale Music, ZYX, Blanco y Negro, Time and many other. Our producers have been in all the sales charts around the globe, having some hit records in the past and making remixes for big artists such as Moby, Tito Puente Jr., Technotronic, Los del Rio or Heroes del Silencio.

We normally license directly to the record companies and major's dance labels of each territory, but we wanted to try if this way (youlicense.com) works as the good network we think should be.

We bring here for our first time an Electro House track with Obama's speeches sample. The release will need to hold for a few weeks, since we are awaiting for some last permissions on name use, animated cartoon videoclip, etc. We already have offers and pre-agrements for 14 territories.

Thank you for listenning and feel free to send any request or comment to mt@musifilm.com

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