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Jay Stilla music licensing store
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Jay Stilla

About Jay Stilla: Artist: Jay Stilla
Albums: [S.T.I.L.L.A]-Songs That Inspire Life Long Ambitions / Jason Society 1 / Jason Society Vol. 1 *Deluxe Edition*
Genre(s): Hip Hop , Rap , R &B , Pop, Trap
Location: Inland Empire/San Bernardino/Los Angeles-CA

Inland Empire Producer and Rapper, Jason “Jay Stilla” Lee is A Well Rounded Artist with a sound thats a Balanced mix of Top 40's Familiarity and out of the box Creativity. His Original Production consist of Hard Pumping Bass , Heart Stopping 808’s, Memorizing Strings, Stunning Synthesizers, Epic Piano’s and Ambient Soundscape that set the mood for the Emotionally Driven Storylines offered in his music.He Exudes Confidence That captivates its audience. His Music Is 100% Self Produced and Unique in its Own Nature. The Pure Quality of His Records sways the listener to do more than just hear the song, They Feel it. The Artist was Quoted Saying "Music is Made to be Felt, Not Just Heard Alone". By his Idiocentric and Original approach to every detail of the Art, He Consistently Creates a Modern day "Avant Garde". The Artist Self Produces, Engineers, Composes, and Performs Each Song by Himself. If Thats Not Amazing Enough, Just Wait Until You Hear The Level Of Marketability & Originality in his Brand. His Raw Ability Is Undeniable, His Success Is Imminent & Work Ethic Unmatched. With The Potential To Produce Countless Hits His Library of Music is Sought after by Professionals Around the World.

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