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Desert Boy Suup

About Desert Boy Suup: [Short Bio:] Born,Jonathen Small, raised in the gutta-streets of Florida. A 22 year old ground-breaking rap artist has burst onto the scene with a promising future in the 'hip-hop' industry. A true pioneer of his generation; "Desert Boy Suup", has developed a ferocious sound, creating an innovative approach to beats with a fierce delivery,murdering every track he has written or recorded.
With his well-spoken lyrics and amazing versatility, He has established and mastered a truly authentic sound, creating a revolutionary flow. This highly-favored, integrated flow is filled with promising potential, pure passion, guaranteed to expose and abolish implausible rappers of today's generation.
Often labeled;"The Last Of A Dying Breed", He has rejuvenated "Southern" rap music. By rejuvenating forgotten standards of lyricism, meaning, and purpose, He is redefining genres like, 'Quality Street Muzik','Trap Muzik','Gangsta Rap', or any of the categories associated with the genre(s).There is hope; "Desert Boy Suup", 'Leader of the rap-game Revolution'...

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