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About JMusiquex: Starting out performing in Nashville to some of the music that he created and engineered,
Travis Johnson continued to move forward in his career as a producer.' Time doesn't stand still for anyone so why are you standing still for time.' Travis Johnson.
As his career unfolded, one particular performance was a career changer for him. The year was 2011 and his group was performing to an all hip hop audience. Being an gospel artist, had him second guessing performing or not. They performed and to his amazement, the deliverance and music won over the audience and the judges. They won the competition. ' You choose music because you feel it, it becomes you, you write to it, it gels, and you can see the deliverance.' Travis Johnson
Travis is now producing artist and making music for placements. Listen to some of the music he has to offer to you. Sign up to his mailing list and get connected to the music.

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