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Jeff Greenleaf

About Jeff Greenleaf: Jeff just finished recording his 4th solo album at Greenleaf Studios in Malibu. It's called Sonic Shapes: Music for Film, TV, and Multimedia Production.
Jeff Greenleaf, a Braille Specialist for blind children, released 2 albums in 2007: Chill Factory and Dragon Eyes.
Chill Factory is a combination of New Age, Chill, Downtempo, World Music, and Soundtrack music.
While the album is very atmospheric, it also includes some beautiful world music inspired from Jeff's experience in the UCSB Middle Eastern Ensemble, Indian Ensemble, and Balinese Gamelan. "As an anthropology major, I focused my cultural interests strictly on the arts, specifically ethnomusicology," adds Greenleaf. Some of the songs, including "Sleepwalk to India" and "Bali Sunset" take you on a musical journey throughout the far east. Chill Factory is exactly what the title suggests: It's a downtempo, electronic chill album that truly ignites something magical in the listener.
In Dragon Eyes, The Malibu-based songwriter steps forward with a stirring and reflective collection of cool, propulsive melodies and warm, hopeful ballads. Jeff also teaches blind children how to read and write Braille music notation. "To blind children, sounds are unconfirmed by visual impression," says Greenleaf. "I just give them the basic tools they need to create their own wildly original music."

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