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About K-Sparks: K-Sparks is a producer, song writer, singer, saxophonist, and performer. Music has always been one of his passions. When talking about music, K-Sparks expresses, "Music is my heart, my soul and I cannot imagine my life without it." Growing up, he was exposed to a variety of music across many genres. This has lead to his eclectic style and appreciation for music from all genres including R&b, Gospel, Classical, Jazz, and Pop. As an artist, he creates all components of his music. His goal is to create quality , timeless music that people can relate to. He states, "Music is a universal language and through music I give myself to you."

His debut single "Rhythm of Love", is a smooth R&b jazz infused mid tempo groove with falsetto and a sax. You can find him on twitter @MusicManSparks or Instagram @MusicManSparks.

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