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Nik Miles

About Nik Miles: Nik Miles is a rising star! He's an American-Swedish pop singer/songwriter, actor, model and a former member of the incredibly talented pop group 4U, which was formed by vocal producer/writer Mary Brown (“No, No, No” by Destiny’s Child and “Bad Girl” by Danity Kane).
This multi-talented young man has been singing ever since he was a little boy, emulating the sounds of famous Pop and R&B singers of his time. With a unique voice and vocal stylings, he is sure to continue making his mark on the music industry.
Nik’s passion for music began with singing, and soon branched out to composition and instruments. Nik Miles has taught himself to play numerous instruments (five in total) but considers his strongest to be the piano. He has been creating and performing music for nearly his entire life, with beginnings at New York performance venues such as The Palace Theater, The Orpheum Theater and the Minetta Lane Theater.
This love for music has led Nik in many creative directions and into several bands and performances. Additionally, Nik has had the opportunity to extensively study voice with well-known coaches Jerry Bragin and Holli Ross, as well as to further his studies in music production, music business and music theory. With this vast array of practice and knowledge, he has been bound for success.

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